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1.The runners-up, a joint team from Liaoning and Sichuan, finished in 3:53.12, and Guangdong took the third place in 3:53.39. Enditem。
2."More than 10,000 schools in China are using our products," said Liang. "And we are expecting more."。
3."I always thought that one year it has to come. Especially when I won against such great players, I have big respect for both of them. I never played against Vika before. I watch her many times in the TV, even when I was not on the tour. When I was younger, I watched many of her matches," added the 26-year-old.。
4.Mexico will meet the Netherlands in Amsterdam on October 7 and Algeria in the Hague six days later.。
5.QINGDAO, China, Sept. 30 (Xinhua) -- Zhang Yufei, who broke the Asian record in the women's 100m butterfly in the preliminary heat on Tuesday, captured gold in the final at the Chinese national swimming championships here on Wednesday.。
6.Playing on the left of a line of three, which included Messi and Philippe Coutinho, Fati was unstoppable with his talent and pace, and displays like this show there could be life at the Camp Nou when Messi finally does leave next summer.。


1.The swimmers' performances at the championships will act as an important reference for their qualification for next year's Tokyo Olympic Games. Enditem。
2.Having played his part in "Ping Pong Diplomacy" between China and the United States, Yao took up the role of Chinese team leader between 1985 and 1995, followed by his position as the ITTF Technical Committee Chair from 1995 to 2009.。
3.According to Luo, sporting goods companies, including sports giants Nike and Adidas, were facing big pressure in sales.。
4."It seems that even such measures would not secure the absolute safety of runners' health, which is and will be the top priority in our minds," SEGAS said.。
5."Fujian's style is similar to us in some sense, our familiarity to their strategies makes it easy to find out countermeasures," said Shanghai's head coach Wang Zhiteng. Enditem。
6.Teda was one of five teams with a new manager during the first stage and ultimately fell well short of expectations. An embarrassing record of 3 draws and 11 defeats in the first stage meant the coastal side were the only winless team.。


1."I think it's a great variety shot, the dropshot. I think it's important tactically to have it and to use it at the right time so that you can keep your opponent always guessing what the next shot is," said the top seed, who is seeking his 18th Grand Slam title at Paris.。
2.Miguel Angel Russo's men are now four points clear at the top of the Group H standings, with one match remaining before the knockout rounds.。
3."I can feel I'm improving, both on the psychological side and technical side," said Wang Yizhu. Enditem。
4.The club is said to be in debt to the tune of nearly 200 million euros.。
5.Some fans and pundits fear Flick could soon be fed up with his side's strategy to avoid costly transfers and follow what many call a healthy spending policy.。
6.Other games on Thursday see Athletic Club at home to Cadiz, while Sevilla entertain Levante in the Sanchez Pizjuan Stadium. Enditem。


1、By appointing the crowd favourite Naldo, the club is trying to correct the mistakes made by predecessor David Wagner.。
2、"I may have played too many today. I agree. Maybe I exceeded what I should have played. But I think it worked well in the moments when I needed to get the point I did."。
3、Germany's players and staff are allowed to enter Cologne in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia after negative tests without having to undergo quarantine.。
4、For the first time this season, Thomas Tuchel was able to field his Fantastic Four - Neymar, Mbappe, Icardi and Angel Di Maria - at the front and it was rewarded with a comfortable victory.。
5、"We don't know if the coach will take part in the camp but his infection won't affect the plans of the team. Moreover, the coach is able to do some things virtually," added the PZPN's spokesperson. Enditem。


Former Schalke player Naldo will also join the coaching staff.!


  • 种液 10-20

    The Beijing Major Projects Construction Headquarters Office confirmed on Sunday that up to now, 90 percent of the track ice-making work has been completed, and 60 percent of the track ice-repairing work has been completed.

  • 巨棺 10-19

    Beijing Guoan announced Sunjic's arrival from Dynamo Moscow on Wednesday before immediately confirming his loan to Henan Jianye, who sit bottom of the eight-team Group A in the ongoing 2020 CSL season, with only one win and three draws after 14 matches. Enditem

  • 奇怪 10-18

    While the club seems to have hit rock bottom after a devastating season opening with two defeats and a -10 goal difference.

  • 在得 10-17

    Pironkova, 33, who returned to the Tour at the US Open after three years' absense and made an impressive run to the quarterfinals, received a walkover to the third round in Paris.

  • 光掌 10-16

    Kenyatta directed Kenya's Ministry of Sports to work around the clock to ensure that several facilities currently under construction are completed and ready for delivery by the end of December.

  • 全文 10-15

    Two newly-promoted sides weren't as fortunate as Qingdao Huanghai and Shijiazhuang Ever Bright need to fight against relegation, along side Tianjin Teda.

  • 瞳虫 10-14

    BEIJING, Sept. 28 (Xinhua) -- China's State Council has agreed to establish the 2023 AFC Asian Cup Chinese Organizing Committee, the government's official website announced on Monday.

  • 前者 10-13

    Midfielder Tony Kroos was confirmed to have torn his left gluteus maximum muscle on Monday and will miss Wednesday's game and the following weekend's trip to face Levante in Valencia.

  • 发现 10-12

    After the restart, both sides traded attacks as Dabbur pulled over the target from a promising position before Joshua Zirkzee rattled the woodwork from a tight angle on the hour mark.

  • 鲲鹏 10-11

    "I think the chair umpire was the only person not to have seen it," said a furious and disappointed Mladenovic after the match.

  • 是有 10-10

    ACCRA, Oct.1 (Xinhua) -- Seven Ghanaian teenage footballers who died in a road traffic accident on September 19 were laid to rest on Thursday.

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